Making things happen

Step 1: Just do it.

Don’t waste your time guys, it won’t work. If only people listened to others telling them what they can’t do. Nothing good would have ever happened. That was the first challenge we had to overcome. Trying out something totally new and outside our comfort zone. But isn’t that where magic happens?


Step 2: Out of our heads and down on paper.

Alrighty. Wasapii will change the way we interact with people around us. But lets first answer some quick questions: what is it really? is it just another app? is it just another social network or will it drive social-networking? how will it work? is it going to fill just our needs or also the needs of others? is there something similar around? Lots of coffee (and a tiny bit of alcohol..). We started with some basic functionality and simple sketches. Seems promising.


Step 3: But we don’t know how to code.

So what. Everyone thinks that if you don’t code, you can’t run a website or an app. In the same way, that you can’t own a house if you can’t lay bricks. As long as you know what the product should be, understand the basic tech concepts & limitations, can set & monitor deliverables, add the right controls and … test test test … as if you were a user. That’s all you need.

There are so many super star developers out there that can code. Lets find one. And we did.

Step 4: Who ‘d you rather?

What shall we call it? Hiipo, giizoo, koala, lemon, blackpepper… Wasapii. Colours? Blue, red or other? It should sound, look & feel perfect. Design is key – people that know me think I am a freak when it comes to design, but then again we all love the way the iphone looks & feels.

Reaching out to friends at every stage of the process is the best single thing we did: concept, design, colours, … Anyone seen Ellen Degeneres “who‘d you rather”?

Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 7.26.59 PM

Step 5: Shall we launch?

Not yet. Lets first create some buzz & anticipation. After all Wasapii is something worth waiting for.

– Create a blog. You are reading it now.

– Organize an event around the launch (ok you won’t see us on stage wearing black turtlenecks & jeans … but its going to be AWESOME).

– Involve people and ask for likes, shares, inviting their friends etc on social media. (if you didn’t get the hint up to now, I hope you just did)

– Get emails from people interested in how this product will change their lives & keep them posted.

– Share milestones. Hmmm … 1 billion sign-ups sound good. But lets get real … 100.000 sign-ups and 500.000 likes sounds awesome.

– Keep the suspense. More on that later.

Step 6: Time to launch.