Over the past few weeks, we have ran a Quiz survey to understand what people believe Wasapii is. Over 4500 people completed the quiz (thanks!) and the results are definitely worth sharing… **This blog post contains SPOILERS**

Question 1:


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Wasapii is Sushi. No surprises here – we all love sushi and wasabi spices things up! We hope our Wasapii can do the same – add some spice in your life! A close second was Wassup … a friendly, cheerful, cool way of saying hello to friends and friends-to-be. About 500 of you first thought of pi =3.14159265359 when hearing Wasapii. I guess we share some fans with The Big Bang Theory … (always a good sign in the Tech world).


Question 2:


Thank God Wasapii was not first thought off in the shower (I am scared even to think where would that have led …). I shall not comment on the 2.8% choosing 27th floor (guys, we are still to become tycoons…but thanks for the trust). Wasapii was indeed first conceptualized in a bar while looking at people ignoring others next to them – instead they were glued in their phones poking, liking, chatting, snapping, tweeting – come on people “LIFE IS BETTER OUTSIDE OUR PHONES”!


Question 3:


Wasapii is a super awesome super cool mobile app #launching soon and its going to be LEGEN – wait for it – DARY. But if it were to have super powers as some of you wish, then it would have been The Wasp, the femme fatale Superheroine firing bioelectric energy blasts! (No – its not an App just for girls …)


Question 4:


Wasapii will get you off your phone to meet real people in real places in real time. No! It’s not a dating app! (even though I have seen people hooking up at the cheese counter in my local supermarket). But how can a Mobile App claim it will get me off my phone? It’s a mobile app, by definition it runs in my phone – AN APP PARADOX!!

Question 5:


Is Wasapii a Social Network? A diversified set of answers here – a bit confused aren’t you? Certainly, Wasapii is not the next Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat etc etc. We do not want it to be! We focus on getting people that are close closer and then get them off their phone. There will never, never, ever be any friend requests or follows in Wasapii. Friends are real and are around us – they are not over the internet or in a stupid App.

Question 6:


To be honest, this question was more of a poll to pick a name! In our Team, it’s been a tie between Wasapiis & The Wasapiians since the very beginning however it seems Wasapiis is a clear winner. Big thanks to all the Paleontologists voting for Homo Wasapus … maybe in another project.


Question 7:


And finally … just because they are everywhere, they had to be in this Quiz also! The Kardashian Sisters … I must admit that the mother Kris is a Genius in Marketing – we can all learn from her. For all those that are still wondering, the Kardashian sisters are 3 but the question is really not relevant. Two more, Kylie & Kendall, are daughters of Caitlyn Jenner, the used-to-be-Bruce Olympic Champion.

Marios @ Team Wasapii

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