Well, that was a hell of a week … First, the launch and then our first ever Web Summit in less than a week.

4 inspiring days of networking, pitching, listening, learning, and pub crawling … Web Summit 2017 is over and this is the aftermath:

Web Summit is CRAZY … just like the tech start-up world we are in!! Innovation at its best, the start-ups that will shape tomorrow, the ones that will make the impossible. Everyone was there …

Our target was to create some buzz around Wasapii … around how it can make our social life more interesting, more beautiful. That was not easy given hundreds of start-ups exhibiting and 60.000+ attendees.

We had to somehow stand out (… on a tiny budget). Wasapii balloons were flying up in the air over the exhibition halls and were found on every single corner …



& meeting room …


.. even our little stand got some. Btw, balloons were not allowed according to the summit’s policy … (that is what others may call “living on the edge”).


… like our T-shirt?


Everybody was curious to learn more about The App Paradox. “How are you going to get me off my phone?”, almost everyone asked. We had to answer this question over 200 times … (by the way, if by now you don’t know the answer, then shame on you. I suggest you visit or better download the app).

As for the aftermath? Definitely worth it. More people learned about Wasapii, a few bloggers want to write about us, … and some San Francisco VCs gave us their contact details … And of course, we got the chance to listen & get ideas from some the industry’s pioneers. Not bad!

Spread the word if you share our vision: No more friends that stay over the internet!